the world's best aftermarket bike...

We also have the world's best aftermarket bike shop -- K-TEC Moto Services- here in town. They can still fix and get parts for any make of bike, even old ones like mine or older. Their knowledge is very broad-based compared to the Honda and Harley dealership, and so if you have a model other than that, or an old one, they can help. Run by old hands, new hands and racers, this is the place to go. One of the things I like about it is it is full of bikes, not clothing.
The biggest feature there for the classic bike repairer is their ability to work on any bike and to get either new or used parts for their machine. The local shop, owned by Ross Poulter, has been around for a long time. He said to me while we were chatting, “I don’t believe in spending money that doesn’t need to be spent, so I use as many sources as possible to get the customer the best value for his money. We are not cheap; but we are as economical as possible.”

By: regaudio

K-Tec Moto Svc

Kingston, ON